Feature List

New and improved features

Drag and drop user interface

New, more intuitive user interface supports drag and drop of partitions when backing up or restoring. With easy to use intuitive wizards and fast access to key functions, backing up and restoring is now easier then ever.

Server ReDeploy

Restore your Windows server operating systems to new hardware using ReDeploy for Servers which features a clean, simple and intuitive user interface.

WinPE 5.0 rescue environment

Includes the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment offering support for more devices along with USB 3.0 support.

WinPE driver support

Adding driver support to Microsoft WinPE has never been easier, Macrium Reflect will prompt to add drivers for unsupported devices in WinPE.

Linux 3.7 kernel

Includes the latest version of the Linux kernel providing greater device support which includes USB 3.0 and RAID.

UEFI Support

Support for the latest UEFI motherboards with GPT booting.

Direct disk cloning

Directly copy one hard disk to another without creating an image file first. Partitions can be ordered and resized during this process.

Integrated email component

Send backup completion status email notifications with the new integrated email component.

Reorder & resize partitions

Change the order and size of partitions as they are restored.

Restore multiple partitions

Restore whole disks or multiple partitions in a single operation.

Backup destination rotation

Easily rotate backup destinations by specifying a list of alternate backup locations.

File & Folder backup NTFS permissions

Include NTFS access control lists (permissions) as part of a file and folder backup, these permissions can then be restored.


Core Features

Disk imaging

Create images of whole disks or selected partitions allowing you to restore operating systems or data volumes without the need to reinstall.

Incremental & differential backups

Create incremental and differential backups from a full backup forming a working backup set and taking less time than a full backup.

File & folder backup

Backup multiple collections of files and folders from different volumes.

File & folder masks

Specify multiple inclusion and exclusion masks for a file & folder backup to ensure only the data you require is included in the backup.

AES Encryption & password protection

Use industry Advanced Encryption Standard to encrypt backups, choose between 128, 192 and 256 bit strength for increasing levels of encryption. Password protect backups to prevent unauthorised access.

Password protection

Add further password protection to a backup to prevent unauthorised access to your data.

Disk space management

Manage the amount of disk space used by specifying how many backup sets to retain.

Image verification

Verify backups as they are either created or at a later date to ensure backups are in working order.

Backup definitions

Store common backup tasks in definition files so that they can be executed in script, as scheduled tasks or from desktop shortcuts.

Scheduled backups

Run backup definitions as Windows Tasks on daily, weekly or monthly cycles for unattended backup operations.

Scripting support

Use backup definitions in VBScript or MS-DOS batch files to include them in your own workflow process.

Compress backups

Includes industry leading compression methodologies to compress resulting backups and conserve disk space.

Browse backups

Mount images in Windows Explorer so that you browse the contents of the backup as if you were looking at a normal drive in Windows.

Comment backups

Add comments to backups to further identify and clarify what a backup is for or what data it contains.