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University of Leicester

"Functionality that I need at a competitive cost
   and the technical support is also first rate



The University of Leicester IT Services provides computing services and support for the University’s academic and business activities. They provide services aligned to the needs of the whole University and are continuously developed to give maximum value and benefit. Priorities are set by stakeholders needs and the wider University Strategic Plan. They offer comprehensive services that enable the University to deliver effectively in all areas: research; teaching and learning; administration and commerce. Departments rely, and build upon their services to support specialist activities.

"I have been using Macrium Reflect for a number of years to provide data recovery for the University’s backup system. I use CommVault to backup all Windows based servers and a growing amount of NFS data. Although CommVault can provide data recovery functionality for itself, the actual process is long winded and not particularly easy to test. It also does not provide a quick restore of the Media Agents server.

With Macrium Reflect, I take a weekly full backup of all 12 servers that form my backup environment; each night a differential backup it taken. The images are held in a separate data centre to the servers and can be recovered using the PE boot CD. The process has been tested to identical and different hardware and I have successfully recovered an 80GB server in about 15 minutes. The process is reliable and has been routinely tested on different servers in the infrastructure.

Macrium Reflect gives the University the functionality that I need at a competitive cost and the technical support is also first rate."


Mark Penny, Systems Architect (Infrastructure), University of Leicester