Customer Testimonials

" I am stationed out in Shindand, Afghanistan. The Afghanistan drawdown has left the remaining personnel without much support, especially where it comes to technology.
Your software has bailed out the Shindand English Language Training Center and we are GREATLY appreciative. It is unbelievably straight forward and by far the easiest and most efficient.
I will gladly promote your product every chance I get. "
Mike (LT. US Navy Ret.) – Shindand, Afghanistan
" Thanks for rapid and excellent support! Macrium Reflect is the best backup software that I have come across (and I have tested a number of them). "
F Ingman – Finland
" Your product is great - far better than any of the competition I've tried. Your customer service is great - you identified my problem almost immediately and, even though it is Easter weekend, you have provided a prompt and perfect fix. "
N Hind – UK
" I have backed up and restored many Images, many times (I like to try new things) and Macrium has been flawless in its performance. I have recommended Macrium several times on DSLReports to other people and will continue to do so. It's refreshing to have a product that works, and works well, and is affordable. Just thought you would like to hear the good as well as complaints or problems. Thanks for a great product. "
Dave K
" I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your amazing software. The license was the best $40 I've ever spent. Last week drive 0 in our RAID fried, then drive 1 went the very next day, before drive 0 could be replaced. The Macrium backup I never thought I'd have to use saved our valuable radio automation system and years of crucial data! "
Anthony Ares
" I've now completed the transfer of all our clients and server to Reflect. The clarity and simplicity of the processes and the ability to expand the schedules to perform supplementary jobs makes Reflect stand out from the crowd. It is priced to sell and after reviewing the support forums and help I am confident the team can solve any problems I might encounter. A professional tool for both domestic and business use. Well done. "
Martin Blackwell
" Whoever wrote this piece of software and documented it to the level of detail that it has been documented deserves an award. This is one of the best pieces of resilience / recovery software that I have seen in a long time and is elegantly simple to use. "
John Kent
" I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your product. It is wickedly fast, inexpensive and easy to use and it has worked flawlessly. "
Victor Henderson
" Just wanted to give words of praise for your magnificent software. Easy to use, and does the job. "
Mr D Poet
" I am writing to tell you that Macrium Reflect has already SAVED ME! Just last week, the hard drive on my laptop failed without warning, but I had backed it up just four days earlier with your software. Upon purchasing a new hard drive, I was able to restore the full contents of my original drive. "
Mr D.R Courtney - US
" I just wanted to give your Reflect product an unsolicited accolade. I have been using the Free Reflect product for about 6 months and recently experienced a hard drive failure on my laptop...You saved my bacon! "
Norm Werner
" I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for such a wonderful program. I was an avid [other backup product] user for more than 7 years. Your program is easier to understand and use. I have installed and instructed all my friends on how to backup their machine. "
John - Spirit Lake
" After working on Windows for 30 years sometimes things are too easy for me, drag and drop, resize partition just finished cloning, nice job on your product - I will recommend! "
Joseph K - Glenview, Illinois
" Just a note to thank all of you for the wonderful work on Macrium Reflect. I have found no other program to compare. Not even close. After sustaining several terrible disasters with the likes of "Windows Backup" software, "Ghost", and even "Acronis True Image", I decided to really invest some time and research to find a truly stable and useful program. I found it with Macrium Reflect. "
T. Bass - US
" This is just to say a thank you for your excellent product. I purchased the family version of your Reflect Additions and just one week later had a problem with one of my PCs which required a re-format of the HDD. In just a few minutes after the repair I had restored everything, including Windows 7 Professional, using the Windows PE disk provided by download with the registered product. This has saved many hours of work. Thank you again. "
John Voller
" Macrium Reflect is the best backup solution I have used in my entire career and trust we will be able to continue selling and supporting. "
D Crockford
" I loaded a Trial edition on Three of his servers, has not missed one, and he is falling in love with the file structure and how easy it is to double click on a file to open a backup and mount the image. He's about to walk away from 2000+ he paid to Symantec and buy the solution that Just works. Thanks for such a great solution offering. "
eDecisions (Ken Corbett)
" I'm an IT consultant with a broad range of customers, I take pride in being able to recommend the best products to my clients in all areas of IT. Macrium is now my recommended backup solution - it is a superb product and has replaced a well known product that I'd been using for 5 years. Macrium is elegant, fast and robust. It is a focused solution without frills or gimmicks, no sign of 'bloatware' here.
Keep up the good work. "
Robin Biles Selbi IT Solutions
" You provide the best support I've ever received with a new application.
I'm your customer for life. "
Jesse - Chandler, Arizona
" I would just like to say that I find the software excellent. For me, its greatest strength is that it still allows the user to have control and to easily amend things. Other programs seem to dig themselves so deep into the system that you have to completely remove them, which is a major operation in itself, and start again if something goes wrong.
Many thanks "
Rod Smith
" This is really a great product for an even greater price! "
L Textor – Switzerland
" Once again, thanks for your company's amazing customer support! I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending your product on forums. "
Jas - Kent, England
" The difference between your software company and many others is that Macrium stands behind their software and gives great support when needed. Buying your products is the best money I have ever spent when it comes to computer software. "
Joe Payne - Oklahoma
" Can you imagine my disbelief and disappointment when the hard drive on my two month old computer failed? HP quickly sent a replacement drive and I installed the new drive, inserted the Macrium rescue disk, plugged in the external hard drive containing my Macrium backup and in less than an hour everything was back to normal. Thank you, Macrium, for your excellent and reliable product! "
Ferne - Phoenix, Arizona