Macrium Reflect™ Information

  • Live imaging with Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service

    No need to shut down Windows to create a complete disk image of your PC.

  • Simple step by step operation

    Image and Restore using intuitive wizards and interfaces.

  • Restore to new hardware

    Includes Macrium ReDeploy™ to move Windows to a new or virtual PC.
    Including Windows Server!

  • Scripting

    Advanced users can use the VBScript scripting language for complex backup scenarios.

  • Restore individual files and folders

    Create a 'Virtual' drive in Windows Explorer and recover selected files and directories using simple copy and paste operations.

  • Optimize

    You can create full, differential or incremental images to optimize backup speed and disk space requirements.

  • Windows PE 5.0
    New Feature

    Includes the latest Microsoft Windows Recovery Environment for maximum hardware compatibility and effortless restore.

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"Your software is unbelievably straight forward and by far the easiest and most efficient.

I will gladly promote your product every chance I get."
Mike (LT. US Navy Ret.) – Shindand, Afghanistan
"Thanks for rapid and excellent support! Macrium Reflect is the best backup software that I have come across (and I have tested a number of them)."
F Ingman – Finland
"Your product is great - far better than any of the competition I've tried. Your customer service is great - you identified my problem almost immediately and, even though it is Easter weekend, you have provided a prompt and perfect fix."
N Hind – UK
"I have backed up and restored many Images, many times (I like to try new things) and Macrium has been flawless in its performance."
Dave K
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your amazing software"
Anthony Ares
" The clarity and simplicity of the processes and the ability to expand the schedules to perform supplementary jobs makes Reflect stand out from the crowd"
Martin Blackwell
"Whoever wrote this piece of software and documented it to the level of detail that it has been documented deserves an award."
John Kent
"I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your product. It is wickedly fast, inexpensive and easy to use and it has worked flawlessly."
Victor Henderson
"Just wanted to give words of praise for your magnificent software."
Mr D Poet
"I am writing to tell you that Macrium Reflect has already SAVED ME!"
Mr D.R Courtney - US
"I just wanted to give your Reflect product an unsolicited accolade."
Norm Werner
"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for such a wonderful program."
John - Spirit Lake
"After working on Windows for 30 years sometimes things are too easy for me, drag and drop, resize partition just finished cloning, nice job on your product."
Joseph K - Glenview, Illinois
"Just a note to thank all of you for the wonderful work on Macrium Reflect."
T. Bass - US
"This is just to say a thank you for your excellent product."
John Voller
"Macrium Reflect is the best backup solution I have used in my entire career "
D Crockford
"I loaded a Trial edition on Three of his servers, has not missed one, and he is falling in love with the file structure"
eDecisions (Ken Corbett)
"Macrium is elegant, fast and robust."
Robin Biles Selbi IT Solutions
"You provide the best support I've ever received with a new application."
Jesse - Chandler, Arizona
"I would just like to say that I find the software excellent."
Rod Smith
"This is really a great product for an even greater price!"
L Textor – Switzerland
"Once again, thanks for your company's amazing customer support!"
Jas - Kent, England
"The difference between your software company and many others is that Macrium stands behind their software and gives great support when needed."
Joe Payne - Oklahoma
"Can you imagine my disbelief and disappointment when the hard drive on my two month old computer failed?"
Ferne - Phoenix, Arizona

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